Blocking WhatsApp in Mikrotik

In order to block WhatsAPP application in Mikrotik I used WhatsAPP provided address list [167 IPV4 addresses as of June,2017] in order to block the app. [there are already many guides on internet, but I used old school method to block this app & got success!]. Please beware that if user uses vpn, then this restriction will not be effective. Continue reading

How to: Attain „Sage“ IPv6 certification from Hurricane Elect

How to: Attain „Sage“ IPv6 certification from Hurricane Elect

A bit of an intro about IPv6:
The most notable feature of IPv6 is that it’s has an unbelievable amount of permutations. IPv6 uses 128 bits for addresses compared to the puny 32 bit address IPv4 has. Beyond that, there’s a lot of low level stuff that’s beyond the scope of this guide but the most notable features are that the packets have very minimal overhead so network equipment has to work less, built in QoS support, stateless address configuration so there’s no need for NAT and better security. Continue reading

Скрипт за инсталация на AceProxy / Auto install AceProxy script

Заиграх се с инсталация на AceProxy и реших че ще го ползвам та за тази цел тъй като имам доста налични сървъри на които ще го инсталирам и ползвам реших да си направя един скрипт за автоматична инсталация и да го споделя надявам се да бъде полезен и на други хора. Continue reading