How to install Cacti and Spine ver. 1.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

**Edit: updated to install latest version available since the 1.1.x versions are frequently being updated.
**Edit2: Added upgrade procedure at the bottom.

With the release of 1.0 and it not existing the the Ubuntu repo’s, I found no directions that helped with the install. During several failed attempts, I finally found the right match of dependencies and libraries needed to install both Cacti and Spine versions 1.0. and up. Continue reading

Какво уби графичната среда на линукс

Не съм писал нищо отдавна, не съм превеждал още по-отдавна… Затова мисля че е време за една публикация, която хвърля светлина върху ситуацията с графичните среди. Написана е на 29-ти август от Migel de Icaza, единият от основателите и от основните разработчици на средата GNOME. Както ще разберете от написаното от него – бивш разработчик… За тези, които предпочитат оригинала: цък. Continue reading

How To Install Kernel 4.11.12 on Ubuntu and Derivatives

The final version of Kernel 4.11.12 has been finally released, bringing various changes and tweaks.

Installation instructions:

Because it is very difficult to compile a Linux kernel, Canonical has packed all the kernel releases as deb packages and made them available for everybody that uses Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based systems, via its repository. Continue reading