Old but cool finds on the Internet.


I have found this awesome web page. This allows the user to build and order a flash new PC. http://people.virginia.edu/~zl5y/cgi-bin/Store/web_store.cgi. This PC would run any office productivity or gaming app you could throw at it. A powerful Pentium MMX CPU, a 8MB graphics accelerator card, and 3.2 GB HDD. This is a beast of a PC. Just look at the options. Continue reading

20+ Cool Terminal Commands to have fun with Ubuntu


Users of command line interface always look out for something new to work with which makes them get excited. You might have seen some ASCII arts being used in info files of software and wondering how they did it. Continue reading

Какъв компютър бихте сглобили през 1967 година

Какъв компютър бихте сглобили през 1967 година? Ако бяхте читател на британското списание Wireless World, то по инструкциите, публикувани в броевете за месеците от август до декември 1967 година, бихте сглобили устройството Wireless World Computer. Continue reading